Food Superstores

A major economic player, food superstores are experiencing deep-seated changes. As a result of changes in methods of consumption and customers’ needs, superstores have to adapt by setting up new strategies. Innovative strategies as much in terms of a store’s attraction and powers of seduction, the staging of products, the general ambience, the new shopping circuits, etc., in short, a need to trigger desire among its customers. On the strength of this observation, RASEC RETAIL has adapted to these new needs and offers concrete solutions to personalise your retail outlet. In order to enhance and promote your product offering, facilitate your merchandising, fluidify the buying circuit and your client’s experience at the checkout, RASEC RETAIL offers you a range of ideal and innovative solutions for your food superstores. Reception counter, reception bench, information desk, sales office, checkout space, checkout unit, self scanning, guiding, furniture for fruit and vegetables, potatoes, dried fruit, bread, pastries, flowers and plants, interactive and multimedia terminal, etc. standard furniture, to tailor-made and specific furniture, we have the solutions to all your needs. Visit our Home, Checkouts, Guiding, Fruit and Vegetables, Bread, Flowers, Shelving Racks and Specific Furniture pages and discover the RASEC universe.