Food Superstores


Controlling your customer flows and securing the access to your retail outlet is of prime importance. Thus, we have developed a wide range of gate, guiding and protection elements. Equipped with fixed or extendible steel arms, or plexiglas arms, our electric gates enable automatic opening by detection or remote control. Equipped with an anti-panic system, our gates can also be fitted with an anti-return kit, a luminous alarm in addition to a sound alarm, a passage counter, a Wi-Fi remote control, and more. Also, discover our mechanical gates, tourniquets, wall gates, mechanical trolley gates, etc. Effective solutions that guarantee you easy management of your traffic and ensure optimum security for your retail space. Finally, you will be able to fit out dedicated spaces for your sales staff, information and other desks thanks to our plexiglas partitions with a transparent or frosted finish, on which you can add the prints of your choice. Let yourself be guided by our products!